Sunday, August 12, 2012

Let's pretend

Let’s pretend you’re here
Let’s pretend for just a while
I’d pretend you never left
And you can act like you still care.
You can imagine me to be all you ever wanted
You are already everything I want
I’d hold you tight,
Maybe you could hold me too.
We could lie down together
We could pretend to see a million stars in the sky
I’d cook for you,
You could pretend to like it too
I’d do anything for you
Maybe you could say you would too
It doesn’t have to be true, just say you do.
Tell me you still love me
I’ll tell you it’s not true
You could pretend to be annoyed
And then I’d hug you
But for now I’ll just bury my dreams
Pretend that you buried yours too.

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