Friday, July 15, 2011


This pretentious world leaves me cold, she said. Chills, freezes and breaks all hopes one could ever nurture. Its easy to get lost in the web. To believe the lies to be true, to confuse myth with reality and so easy to live the lie. Isn't it warmer to be burnt in the fire of the deception than to step out and take a walk in the rain.
She laughs a hollow laugh as she puts on her hallowed jewels.

I could get used to this, she smiled at the reflection in the mirror. An image that fought so hard to fit in and yet not get lost in the crowd.
"What is it like to laugh?" she asked.
But you just laughed, I questioned as I held up the trail of her gown.
Laugh? That's not a laugh. Its just a crackle that emerges every time you want to scream. You'll learn little one, you're still new. You'll learn very soon....