Saturday, May 29, 2010

Me Vs You

I choose to be ignorant,
I choose to be a fool.
I choose to walk this Earth
with an air of foolish pride.

You point fingers at me,
say that i'm an example
of everything that is wrong with this world
and then you laugh some more.

I wish I could think of a retort,
something wise to say.
but when all words will fade away
your muted smile shall stay.

You mock me with ruthless eyes
call me wicked names.
till i don't have the strength to fight
no strength to rise again.

Now I see how you work
You critisize the whole damn world
and when they all crash and burn,
you smile and say
- "thats how it was all meant to be"

Friday, May 28, 2010

were you the one??

broken fragments in my head
blurry images run again
were you the one by my side?
when all my world fell apart.

the poison ran through my veins
pushed the senses miles away
those dilated moments i cried
were you the one wiping them away?

trapped within these unfamiliar walls
screaming out my forgotten name
were you the one across the glass?
who shared all those silent tears

when the blood poured out that cut
and they refused to stitch it up
bound and gagged I lay alone
were you the one who set me free?

when i walked into the glow
cleansed, free, allowed to go
were you the one who walked away?
leaving me to wage my wars alone.

My last post was disappointing. it didnt come out the way i wanted to, but i put it up anyway. so i made another attempt toimprovise. this isnt exactly upto the mark either....but it expresses it a lil better.

poisoned soul!!!

I won't ask you to justify,
give reasons for what you did,
I know i pushed you away
did everything that you forbid.

Should have known better than that,
but i'd give up all I have
just so I could let you know
am not that person anymore

I wont wash down the pain again
with all that I shouldn't have
I wont touch the poison again
for I lost you because of that

Those memories are all blurred
smoke riddled, sloshed and burnt
but the fragments hurt so bad
they keep me from getting insane.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

the lying halo

blinded by this unreal glow
behind, the lies didnt show
I believed you were the God,
that i was looking for so long.

You put the breath into my lifeless soul
filled in the wide gaping hole
and then it all began to show
the hollow lifeless lying glow

your wings were all stolen
they never belonged to you
the light was just the fire
waiting to burn me through

you got me back to life
put me amidst this nightmare
it is like living hell
i was better off when i was dead!