Monday, March 22, 2010


It was the summer of 08'. We all had it going good but then a storm hit and the world fell apart.
The flowers withered and the soil parched. I was left hiding from the scorching sun.
The rays hit and the light burned.
Now the summer has all gone. With it, its taken away everything that reminded me of you.
All its left behind are the few pages between which are still stuck, the familiar smell of June.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

the court!

the invisible string tugs again
turns up a notch on the pain
walking on this crafted dream
muted by the silent scream
i play the role designed for me
for the audience i can never see
governed by the unsaid command
fulfilling her every demand
dancing to the written tune
under the milk spilt moon
alive only as long as i can dress
follow orders, act and impress
my cruel unforgiving empress!


they shut their eyes,
they're not looking,
its but a lie,
we're all seeking
for any hope or sign
all the time,
for a pattern in the random design

they say the same,
there's no respite
its an endless game,
a long dark night,
a mindless search,
a haunted cry
the hearts desire
fueling the fire

Monday, March 1, 2010

Evil angel!

those devious smiles,
delirious lies
the unholy truth
those wicked eyes
send a chill down my spine

those empty laughs,
hollow cries
the chilling stare
sad demise
brought about my swift decline

the sudden fall,
that evil fate
the silent call
shattering lives
made sure i'll never rise....

cosmic joke

grinning like a total fool
walked into this mirage
didn't realize i was the devils tool
thought all evil i had dodged.

believed i had achieved a dream
found the elusive treasured key
then woke up with a deafening scream
knowing that i'll never be free.

it wiped the smirk off my face,
all my joy it did revoke
left me fallen in disgrace
amidst this cruel cosmic joke.