Friday, October 26, 2007

true love???

i just finished seeing this movie called "aquamarine". its about this mermaid who comes in search of true love and finds it in the most surprising of places. its so often that we confuse "romantic love" as the only kind of love. it was not the love a guy gave her but the love of her two good friends which actually sets her free.
often in search of love, we actually overlook the love we actually have in the life around us. confused? well, there is this guy i like a lot. n i don't think he knows, and even if he does, he couldn't care less. often i am so depressed about the fact that he doesn't love me, that i actually overlook and can't appreciate the love others give me.
sometimes in life, i think it is necessary to stop awhile and acknowledge the love other people have for you. we are so often drowned in sorrow of what we don't have that we let go of what we do have. n sometimes it is just too late to do anything about it.
yes, i do wish i find "the right guy" for me, but i have my whole life ahead n till i do find "mr. right", i am going to enjoy life and not crib about it. there are a lot of people out there who love me. and the least i an do for them, is return the love.
n i don't think there is anyone in this world who is unloved.
like they say, "Each one on earth is indispensable." so go ahead love the world...