Saturday, January 31, 2009


i think i am getting worse as time passes....

Monday, January 26, 2009

untitled n unfinished...

The wounds are opening up again,
the pain is more than i can bear,
leaving behind the safety of home,
I walk into regions unknown....


Incorrect, indenial,
Unaware, unknown,
I would just die,
for you to know,
just how i feel,
this one last time.

So far away,
and yet so close,
I can feel your breathe,
can you feel me too?
I want you near,
but away you go.

I stand still,
I stand alone,
waiting for you,
to make a move.

Years go by,
the times may have changed,
I see you now,
I feel the same.

I can't find my voice,
the smile fades,
can never speak,
but the feeling remains!!


Lost in the shadows,
living amongst unknown,
buried in woes,
waiting for dawn.

You watch the race,
sit back and wait,
ananlysing the pace,
never taking the bait.

The flags fly high,
the race is about to begin.
Yet you refuse to try,
there's a silence in this din.

Every race you'd win,
if only you'd run.
But you choose to sin
turning away from the sun.