Saturday, January 15, 2011


I came across this song a few days back and I thought I'd add the lyrics here. Because they make a lot of sense, and are true in a twisted serene way. Its called uniform by bloc party

There was a sense of disappointment as we left the mall
All the young people looked the same
Wearing their masks of cool and disinterest
Commerce dressed up as rebellion
Because we are so handsome and we are so bored
So entertain us, tell me a joke
Make it long, make it last forever
Make it cruel just make me laugh
We can't be hurt
Drink to forget your blues on the weekend
Think about more things to buy
The TV taught me how to sulk and to love nothing
And how to grow my hair long
So why do you go picking fights that you will lose?
(When u have entertainment, when give you things to pass the time)
So why do you have to go thinking thoughts that are above you?
(You can be happy, just play dumb)
Well I was brave
And unique,
A snowflake
I could have been a hero
No-one can be trusted over the age of 14
Tattoo our arms
Converse shoes
But we still do it
We tell ourselves that we're different
I've gotten so good at lying to myself
All, all my pain and honour is used up
All my guns are rusted
So when are you going to realise those are not your wrongs to right
Have another line, have another drink
(Pop songs won’t change the government)
I am a martyr I just need a motive
I am a martyr I just need a cause
I'm a believer I just need to a moment
I'm a believer I just need a cause
We're finding it hard to break the mould
We are finding it so hard to be alone
We're finding it hard to have time by ourselves
We have nothing at all to say
There was a sense of disappointment as we sped away
All the teenagers looked the same

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Come away

Come burn this evasive dream,
Haunted nights it’s led me to.
Come let’s walk quietly away,
Lead me to somewhere new.