Wednesday, November 17, 2010


The darkness has settled in now
there is a strange cold wind, a strange silence that has come to stay.
I look out of the window and bid my time
its here to stay for quite a while,
so I hide behind this winder and wait,
wait to reclaim what is truly mine.

Her life!

She sat in the field
With hands that bled
as she pulled out thorns
so carefully planted
in the folds of her perfect life.

She walked on alone
eyes spilling tears
as she fought monsters
no longer confined
to just beneath the bed.

Where did the princess go
when life suddenly took its turn?
like a ragged doll now torn apart
thrown onto bare streets
left for the dogs to play with.

She had never seen life like this
she said
she wasn't built for this
she tried
to break free of all things
she cried
that now pulled her apart.