Monday, August 23, 2010

Maybe someday......

I know am not good,
I know I am far from perfect,
I may not deserve what I ask for,
I might deserve nothing at all,
But yet I hope, and I pray,
That maybe someday,
Someday mercy will come my way,
and you'll give me what I have been looking for,
coz i have been waiting for way too long now,
for something to go my way,
and maybe someday,
it finally will...

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Retelling "I'm still here"

I heard "i'm still here" by Eddie Vedder and I just had to rewrite it but in a different way. It is much shorter now and much different but the theme remains....the horror, the helplessness, the fear and the wonder, and then the haunting question of "why I am still here"...

He said it had to end,
the awful confusion and mixed intent.
It was unclear as to why I let him go,
What happened that night i'll never know.
the candle burnt till it was no more
and I was left staring at the closed door.

It has been months since that night,
I still haven't figured what is right,
many a times he tried to call,
I rejected not just one but all.
He passes by sometimes and I smile,
and he thinks its easy to have moved on.

I thought it'll take but a year,
after all he is but another guy,
but if things were all that easy,
maybe no-one would ever have to cry.
Now he's moved on and i'm still here.
left alone with everything i fear
I drink to drive it all out of my mind
but I couldn't leave it all behind.

Now I stare at all the polished stones
all so prettily lined up in formidable rows.
and there is one which stands by itself
out in the corner, out of the rows.
and i wonder,
why is he gone and i'm still here.